Because we're Freelance Instructors we can teach you at select kite centres in both locations. We are the only kite station in El Gouna located within the grounds of a five star hotel, the Mövenpick Resort & Spa El Gouna. 01273 921 001 Chilling by the beach is my favorite part of visitin El Gouna. HURGHADA AND EL GOUNA. A pleasant terrace overlooking the pool for breakfast. Kitesurf spot El Gouna (resorts, videos, ... Egypte / El Gouna Africa. Reasonable prices. KITE TRIBE, BASED IN EL GOUNA along the Red Sea of Egypt, caters to everyone looking for an action packed, fun-filled kitesurfing holiday. Rider's posts. T +20 65 3549 702 F +20 65 3549 065. In the store, you will find water 1.5 l – 4 L.E (less than 0.20 euro), coca-cola – 15 L.E (around 0.73 euro), cigarettes 40 L.E (around 1.90 euro). El Gouna is rich with activities and not limited to kitesurfing. pictures. The flat and shallow lagoons, sandy beaches, turquoise water, and very good wind statistics make it impossible to dream of a better place for learning to kitesurf! Kitesurfing at Kitepower in El Gouna Egypt: you enjoy completely clean constant sideshore wind-condition. There are really 2 spots in El Gouna: Mangroovy: 5 minutes by tuk tuk from the marina or marina, this beach is El Gouna’s main spot. IKA Kiteboarding El Gouna Grand Slam 2016 / Trailer. El Gouna is a small town by the Red Sea that was established in 1989. ELEMENT Watersports F-ZR-09 Element Beach 84513 El Gouna Red Sea - Egypt +20 121 067 26 06. info (at) The kite centre is modern and has everything … Marketing Office, El Gouna El Gouna, Downtown, Tamr Henna, H9 Building. Whether riding, cruising, jumping, or surfing waves kite surfing He is former egypt kitesurfing champion which is more then qualification I guess. Kitesurfing travel elgouna egypt. As a kite teacher put it: „This is not Egypt, this is Disneyland!” Even if you have a better wind chance during winter months at other spot, this spot wins with lifestyle, atmosphere and the extremely good kite centers across El Gouna. kitesurf inEl Gouna Egypt. Equipment storage. El Gouna . Fermez les yeux et imaginez : une plage de sable fin, une eau turquoise. … Considering El Gouna for kitesurf holidays? 19° ... at the edge of one of the many canals that cross El Gouna. Étirée sur plus de 10 km le long des côtes de la Mer Rouge, El Gouna, aussi appelée « La Venise Eg… I visited Kite Junkies in Sharm El Sheikh back in November 2011 but I … Special wind and weather forecast for windsurfing, kitesurfing and other wind related sports. El Gouna is the best kite boarding spot for both professionals and beginners. The beach environment is ideal for kitesurfers and at certain times of the day there can be up to 300 kites sailing. Never seen a spot so sunny and windy ! ... about contact. It was in August in Egypt in El Gouna (near Hurghada). i’m in el gouna, egypt from march to december 2020 Are you looking for a competent Coach who will teach you this sport in a save and systematic way? 2-way Bluetooth communication during instruction. +20-122-66 10 878 (Egyptian cellphone) Kitesurfing El Gouna. Kitesurf Confirmé Egypte - El Gouna - Afrique du Nord et Moyen Orient. 6-day kite event. E-mail: [email protected] Real Estate Inquiries 16595 or +20 65 356 1760. EL GOUNA. KitePeople, Mövenpick Resort & Spa El Gouna, El Gouna, Red Sea, Egypt Depending on the type of place, some are more expensive and some are cheaper. On the non-windy days there are plenty of alternative activities to do, like standup paddling (SUP), horse riding, snorkeling, scuba diving, cable park, or go on a boat trip to Bayout sandbank. Hurghada and El Gouna are two of the most sought after locations for Kite Surfing in Egypt. Momo provides kite lessons, trips, downwinder, kite safari with certified IKO instructors level 2. Contact us! Read reviews from customers, view pictures, add surf lessons and book online. Pleasant rooms. Desert fun. Chill by the beach. He offers lessons in English and Arabic. plan. Book Casa Cook Hotel El Gouna Online, newly Opened in Nov 2019, the beachfront kitesurfing hotel is a hideaway on the Redsea, best of Hurghada Egypt … EL Gouna originally started with a couple of hotels, and not much to do. videos. Loads of interesting Stuff besides Kitesurfing… 3 participants per instructor. We are located in El Gouna, a little town in the Red Sea, just about 30 minutes away from Hurghada, Egypt.. Our kitesurf spot is located on the northern beaches of El Gouna, where steady winds makes us enjoy everyday kitesurfing. flights. The biggest location for watersports centres. In general, Egypt is not expensive, however, prices in El Gouna are a bit higher than Hurghada. Looking for the best Spots? Contact us! Big Air Kite-Worldcup El Gouna Egypt. Bedouin-inspired. Situé à 22 km au nord dHurghada, El Gouna (littéralement « Le lagon »), est sans conteste la meilleure destination de la riviera de la Mer Rouge, idéale pour les amateurs de kitesurf, de calme et de dépaysement. A unique town on the Red Sea, El Gouna is only half an hour's drive from Hurghada International Airport. Our kitesurfing instructor will be representing Egypt in the 2016 Olympic games. This summer, explore the man-made lagoon city of El Gouna from the latest and adult-only Cook’s Club hotel, perched on the shores of Egypt’s Red Sea. info. For the savvy traveler there are other spots too, but it would require more planning and custom made travel/accommodation booking. rooms. Kitecamp_Heaven7_Element from heaven 7 on Vimeo. Si l'envie vous prend de vous rendre à Elgouna en Egypte pour un séjour vacances/kitesurf je vous invite à regarder cette vidéo … Dragonfly Kite … kitesurf features. You just will need few minutes to get to our spot from the hotels around.. You can take a Tuk Tuk ride from anywhere in El Gouna … It is a huge beach with side-shore wind and has several kite centers. Kitecamp Heaven 7Element. The hotels’ prime location makes it a year-round paradise for wind and kite surfers, as well as an excellent snorkeling destination for those wanting to explore Egypt… Egypt expand map. El Gouna is definitely very different from every other spot in Egypt. Windguru weather forecast for Egypt - El Gouna. Planning a kitesurf Trip to El Gouna? I remember I used to dread going there as a kid! La glisse facile à kitebeach. There is no more beautiful place for this activity in Egypt. Cosmo heads to El Gouna on the Red Sea to learn how to kitesurf and sample the five star luxury accommodation. Dahab (Sharm El Sheikh) Soma Bay (Hurghada) El Gouna (Hurghada) Why we chose El Gouna for kitesurfing. Kitecamp_Heaven7_Element from heaven 7 on Vimeo. Or do you already know how to kitesurf and want to progress faster ? It’s just about wind and weather in El Gouna, you won’t find those big waves as in Hamata here. Over the last few years it has become a mecca for kitesurfing and other water sports. Kite School. Kitecamp Heaven 7Element. 4 hours of instruction each day. Dahab. Avec ses 22 000 habitants, El Gouna est une communauté multiculturelle comme nulle part ailleurs. Over the past decade, El Gouna has thrived into one of the cosiest and most humble towns you will ever visi KBC - Kiteboarding Club El Gouna Buzzha Beach Kite Center Road 1 (Northern Mangroovy Beach) 84513 El Gouna / Hurghada / Egypt open daily from 8:30am to 7pm Tel. Kite Cruise Safari in El Gouna. Blue Kiteboarding El Gouna is operating out of El Gouna. This allows you to decide where you would like to stay to learn. Famous for its colourful coral reefs and blue waters, Dahab is not only … Kite Beach El Gouna. Our essential travel guide covers monthly wind, costs, climate, restaurants, & more kitespot info. ELEMENT Watersports F-ZR-09 Element Beach 84513 El Gouna Red Sea - Egypt +20 121 067 26 06. Kitesurfing every day (wind permitting) Premium kite equipment. Planet kitesurf are the UK's leading kitesurf Travel Specialists. Vous naviguez sur un spot ou vous avez pied à perte de vue sur un plan d'eau plate. Booking from Egypt around the world Short Number: 16444 Launched in September of 2017, it was founded by sisters Mia and Sophie Ayoub, of Egyptian and New Zealand origins. Transfer from/to Hurghada Airport to your hotel in El Gouna. The weather temperature rarely falls below 25 degrees and annual wind statistics exceed 70% … Write your point of view on this spot . … search. Here is the episode 7 of my Kitesurf Paradise. Momo Kiteboarding will take you to the fantastic kite surfing locations in El Gouna. A safe seaside location with year-round good weather, El Gouna is the perfect destination for active holiday-makers who love … kite-in kite-out accomodation. Daily use of kite station facilities. Big Air Kite-Worldcup El Gouna Egypt.