On June 30, San Marcial Day, Irun commemorates the Battle of San Marcial with a magnificent military parade in Napoleonic dress. It is held every year in Burgui, in the Roncal Valley. Not only the ancient building is amazingly beautiful but it’s also very comfortable, clean, pet-friendly and the guest reviews are very good. In August, many villages have their summer festival. May Basque festivals featured on the blog. The Labourd carnivals, the earliest in the French Basque Country, start at the end of January or beginning of February. This historical event, which took place in the year 778 and is reproduced orally every year inside this monument, is a very original way of understanding one of the most beautiful epic poems of the time, which spread the name of Roncesvalles throughout Europe. In the afternoon the performance takes place. Tai patinka 247 žmonėms. At 5pm, the sentence is carried out: bonfire and dancing of the bear and wild men. The central character is the villain Miel Otxin, representing evil spirits. But on July 7th for the dances. Place: Fontarrabie-Hondarribia, Guipuscoa. Dance show Elgar Oinka and Azpeitia in Hasparren. Y aller en train relève de l’impossible car il n’y a que 2 trains "Alvia" par jour au départ d’Irun pour Pampelune (départ vers 7h00 et 15h00 pour 2 heures de trajet) et donc vous ne pouvez pas rentrer le soir même. Festivals are sorted by month and only fixed-date festivals have their exact dates indicated. Bien que fiscalité, niveau de vie et prix aient tendance à se rapprocher de part et d’autre des Pyrénées, le “Sud” reste encore meilleur marché sur certains produits comme l'alcool et le tabac. Le démarrage de l'activité a eu lieu le 16/02/2010. The tamborrada (Spanish) or Danborrada (Basque) of San Sebastian (San Sebastian in Spanish, Donostia in Basque) is celebrated every year on January 20, San Sebastian’s Day. If you want to taste the pintxos that look delicious, do it when you arrive. At 4:30 pm, when the cavalcade returns, it’s the reading of his trial. He is captured on Monday and executed on Tuesday. An opportunity to discover these traditional places that are the peñas and this specialty elected by Lonely Planet in 2018 as the best culinary experience in the world. Night of the sardine of Saint Jean de Luz. Lesaka celebrations are concentrated on the Sunday of Carnival. The Dantzaris must show dexterity and balance by not falling into the Onin River. Date: from 8 to 10 December 2019. Each house has its own recipe. The village and its inhabitants are transported to the Basque country 100 years ago. Mais, en 1969, Luis Mariano, invité par le Comité des Fêtes à lancer les clefs de la ville pour l'ouverture des Fêtes, est habillé en blanc et rouge, les couleurs des fêtes de l'autre côté de la frontière (il était originaire d'Irun). You can book my rental for 5 people via the contact section. The groups, which gather just over two thousand gowns, begin with the traditional tribute in memory of their deceased predecessors in the city’s cemetery. However, I did not see a parade from one village to another. Feel free to let me know if you notice any errors. You will see everywhere in the French Basque Country “The King of the Basque Cake”. International festival of puppets in Tolosa. For this festival, you can book my holiday rental for 5 people through the form at the bottom of the page or the contact page. The morning ends with a group meal in the Market Square. The festivities last six days, during which the festival, music, theatre and religious acts are on the programme. The public, from the smallest to the largest, can enjoy the most diverse representations: classical texts blend with the most colourful, modern and innovative representations. Type: traditional dance, parade, outdoor activities. Date: From August 4 to 9, 2020. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. The journey lasts five kilometres and ends at the medieval bridge of Burgui. Stephanie Langlet has been a travel blogger since 2003 and is also a consultant in communication, customer relations and management. Date: from 12 to 15 November 2020 – pending confirmation. Note: I get commissions for purchases made through links in this post at no extra charge for you. Office de Tourisme. The famous Hotel de Londres y de Inglaterra, also on La Concha, often offers very attractive promotions. Date: from 23 November to 1 December 2019. Passionate about Humans and traditional cultures, I share on this blog my travelogues and observations on these two fascinating cultures that have a lot of similarities. The particularity of Goizueta carnival is the zahagi-dantza dance, performed by the charcoal maker, which you will see in the video. This festival is an opportunity to discover the Pyrenean society of Navarre at the beginning of the 20th century. The tourist office was laconic about the actual program and I couldn’t figure out if the Joaldunaks really walk from one village to another or only walk a little bit as I saw. El 2 de juliol de 1940, immediatament després que les tropes alemanyes arribessin a la frontera francoespanyola d’Irun, el ministre de Governació, Ramon Serrano Suñer, decidí destinar a París Gabriel Coronado, secretari general de la Direcció General de Seguretat, acompanyat d’una sèrie d’agents, amb l’objectiu de detenir i aconseguir informació de diferents exiliats. San Fermin festivities without the crowds of Pamplona festivities! Several interesting activities take place during the 4 days of the festival, including the return of the herds followed by the shepherd’s supper on Thursday, the reconstitutions of the preparation of the summer pasture on Saturday, the open air mass and the large costumed parade on Sunday. A formal Mass is held, followed by a procession around the church. Les batailles qui se sont succédé sur le mont San Marcial, à Irún, sont aujourd’hui prétexte à la fête de l’autre côté de la Bidassoa. It became even worse in Zubieta’s square, and not very reassuring, between the young people covered with blood or brandishing dead organs or dead animals and those who were scaring people with their chainsaws…. Place: Biriatou, Labourd. Aquestes titelles estan fetes per artesans que són alhora fusters, ferrers, pintors i actors. For your accommodation, I recommend you the quiet Hotel Rural Latxanea, in a comfortable Basque house. Don’t forget to try the best culinary experience in the world according to Lonely Planet: pintxos, Basque tapas, in the bars of the old town. Le Pays Basque est une région festive. You have read and agreed to our privacy policy, Discover the 80+ Basque festivals in my 2020-2021 calendar, Work with me – Basque Country Asia Guiding, Work with me – Consulting and Advertising. In the article, you will find the exact or to be confirmed dates for 2020 and 2021. Date: 24 October 2020 (pending confirmation). Among the most important events, we can note the Brotherhood Mass on Sunday and the election of the best ham. It takes place on the Monday and Tuesday of the last week of January, in the villages where the Joaldunaks or Zanpantzar come from. Their faces are covered with a handkerchief, a straw hat and a pizontzia (“chamber pot” in Basque). Ideally located close to the waterfront, in front of the theatre and 400 metres from the historic district, this magnificent building has welcomed many celebrities such as Woody Allen and Liz Taylor. The Día de la Blusa (Blouse Day) is a celebration of Vitoria-Gasteiz. Since 1967, at precisely 11:30 am, the inhabitants of Sanguesa have been replaying the journey of the Three Kings of the East to Bethlehem. Date: April 1 and 2, 2021. February 14, 2021 – pending confirmation. If you live in Alsasua or know the carnival, I am ready to try the experience with you! Contact me to book my apartment 16kms from the center of Bayonne. Date: Saturday, February14, 2021 (rural carnival). Arriving around 10am, you will not be able to reach Larraitz by car but you should still find space to park in the village of Abaltzisketa. The next day’s programme (“Ostiral Mehea” or Friday carnival) offers us the “Festival del Viernes Flaco” (Friday Carnival Festival) at the Leidor Theatre, which consists of a very original show organised by the village inhabitants, the protagonists of the event. But also to help tourism professionals to improve their reception of international customers following the principles of sustainable tourism. When the sun rises, the streets of the village are filled with zaku zaharrak (literally old bags), thirty characters dressed in canvas bags filled with dry grass, two between the legs and one on the torso. No, we don’t use the term feria in the Basque Country! L'équipe de l'Office de Tourisme se met à votre disposition ! January is also the month of the very first Navarre carnival, a very traditional one occuring in Ituren and Zubieta. He writes and illustrates each month articles on two of his great passions. It is harvested at the end of September or early October and is generally served with blood sausage and Ibarra green peppers. It lasts 9 days, alternating popular, religious, trade fair and bullfighting rituals. Traditional dance groups start performing at “Carreau des Halles” at 11am. and dog show. Salbatorez: Peña Idiak festival in Hasparren. From 14 to 15 May 2021. Gare routière d'Irun : + 34 943 61 67 63. Expogrow Irun 2015 et IV Coupe Cannabique. However, the Basque cake has a historical link with the thermal town of Cambo-les-Bains. Immediately after, at ten thirty, the entertainment begins, with the donkey race, one of the most popular moments of the festival, where the men will have to test their skills on donkeys in a closed circuit around the square of the Virgen Blanca (White Virgin). Navarre. This blog contains some affiliate links that allow you to reserve your travels and buy things at the best price. Près de là, se trouve un belvédère d'où nous pouvons contempler la belle baie de Txingudi. Contact me via the form on the site, letting me know what you need (guiding and/or itinerary planning service).See some tour ideas here, >> You can check here if your situation requires a visa or not. In April, the most important festival in Alava takes place. The awakening of the bear normally evokes the spring awakening. Le 05 octobre 2013 se déroulait le Tournoi International de la ville d'IRUN dans la catégorie des Séniors . Dès lors, ces couleurs, qui sont aussi celles des fêtes de Pampelune, se généralisent et, au début des années 90, s'imposent. Nurses and shepherds in San sebastian-donostia. Tolosa is renowned for having the four best rotisseries in the Basque Country. It was published in January 2020 only. During this day, several wooden rafts are rafted down the Esca River. For your accommodation, I recommend you the beautiful and comfortable Apartamento Belmecher, a 130m² flat in the centre of Estella. You will find many tables. À Irun, nous en sommes conscients et c’est la raison pour laquelle nous organisons plusieurs festivités tout au long de l’année, avec des activités pour tous les publics. Poursuivons notre itinéraire vers l'ermitage de San Marcial et le pic homonyme, un des endroits les plus emblématiques du village. It is a meeting for puppet professionals from all over the world. The evening begins with a torchlight parade at 8pm and continues with traditional dances. De Sainte Agueda et ses chorales jusqu’aux traductions fêtes de la Saint Pierre et Saint Martial, en passant par notre fête très caractéristique de l’opilla ou de l’Euskal Jira. Thus, at this time, one can meet pilgrims dressed in dark tunics, penitents wearing black veils and bare feet and inhabitants in traditional costumes. reading of Roland’s song at Roncesvalles. The festival was first organised in 2003 to attract visitors to Ochagavía and show them its history, crafts and traditions. The day before, on June 23, the “Fogatas” of the night of San Juan are celebrated in Bermeo as part of the events of the Fiestas de San Juan. Ethno Travels is officially registered as a company. Place: nomadic festival, Alava. If the accommodations in Lantz are free, don’t hesitate to reserve! On Saturday (“Zaldunita bezpera”) there are the “Tamborradas” (adults and children), drum parades, in the streets of Tolosa. El llibre està dividit en vuit capítols, les set etapes en què repartiren l’itinerari que anava des d’Irun a Lleida, més el viatge en tren des de Castelló fins la ciutat guipuscoana que els encapçala. I will add them to the article. The Souletine masquerade takes place every year in a different village of Soule. I must admit that I have a big crush on Navarrenx, this pretty fortified bastide in Bearn, marked by the history of Alexandre Dumas’ true Musketeers, labelled most Beautiful Villages in France and on the road to Santiago de Compostella. and dog show. 5), the Apartamento Singular Deluxe, located 350 metres from the old town, is a pleasant alternative. Nuestras fiestas - Gure jaiak. San Panzar, accompanied by the bear and wild men, arrives at 3pm for the cavalcade (parade). Bayonne Feasts (July or August depending on the year). The interest of this carnival, which has been taking place since the Middle Ages, is the very old bronze masks worn by the Mozos. Type: 3rd largest festival in the world, outdoor. The most interesting day is obviously Saturday, San Panzar day. Passion play of the three Kings in Sanguesa. During Tolosa Goxua, the city hosts the stands of local pastry chefs but also from other Basque regions and even from elsewhere. Type: local celebration, military parade, commemoration. Si on continue de venir aux ventas, c’est avant tout pour y faire des affaires. Hi, I’m Stephanie and I live between two cultures. Plan du Bassin de Txingudi You can find a cosy place to stay at Alsasua (12kms). In 2019 he came up with the idea to use his interest in photography by displaying each month a series of seasonal pictures of Christleton. When a Tolosarrak friend took us there, we were surprised by the incredible quality and very soft prices. Avec en point d’orgue, l’alarde qui se La célébration d’un jour de fête est toujours importante. Expogrow Irun 2013. Les fêtes de Bayonne et Pampelune le sont d’ores et déjà, la Blanca à Vitoria est en suspens, la foire au jambon de Bayonne est reportée à octobre. All the festivals of the beginning (Labourd and Basse-Navarre) are easily accessible from my home. Saint Jean festival in Saint Jean de Luz. URRUGNE PYRENEES-ATLANTIQUES Jusqu'au XVIIème siècle, Urrugne était un vaste territoire situé entre Saint-Jean-de-Luz et la Bidassoa, entre l'Espagne et l'Océan. The Vitorianos/as (Vitoria’s people) buy garlic rosaries at the market (Portal del Rey and Cuesta de San Francisco streets), which they wear on their shoulders in the morning. Although many festivals will not be held in 2020, you will find them on the downloadable calendar below. If you are travelling with your family or a small group (max. This festival commemorates the courting of nannies by shepherds and the vaccination of children. Wood rafts were old boats that, until the middle of the 20th century, carried wood on the rivers of the Navarre valleys. In this article, the festivals will be classified by month but will also include the province, or even the village, where they take place. Traditionally, dancers walk the streets of the city all day long. To recreate the scenes, set, costumes and crafts as accurately as possible, Orhipean organizers studied period books and photographs. They will spend the rest of the day and night walking the streets. For the first time, the bridge leading to the Rock of the Virgin Mary was illuminated, but my favorite place every year is the Church of St. Eugenia. The festive side should not make you forget the dangers of excessive alcohol consumption. Type: shepherds’ festival, outdoor, transhumance. >> Click here to check the pics, reviews, availability and prices for your trip. The tamborrada officially begins on January 19 at midnight, with the raising of the city’s flag and the “Marcha de San Sebastian” played in the Constitution Square. Type: religious festival, procession, dance. To see some pretty pottocks, sheep, cows, sheep dogs, etc…. Date: July 19, 2020. The programme of festivities also includes many other activities: exhibitions, crafts fair, traditional dance and music, workshops, theatre, rural sports, photo competitions and audiovisual screenings, as well as a popular lunch. 4 / 7. sudouest.fr; il y a 200 jours; Cyclisme : la Vuelta 2020, en 18 étapes, partira du Pays basque à l’automne. Alarde del Moro is celebrated during Antzuola’s feasts, on the third Saturday of July in the afternoon. More than 80 craftsmen and artists work in front of the public and present their know-how in the streets of Salies de Béarn, the City of Salt from Béarn. Date: From the end of January 2021 to the end of April 2021. On August 15, the capital of La Soule celebrates the espadrille and the Basque pelota. The meeting takes place in a festive environment, with a large audience, traditional music (trikitixa) and stands featuring rural products, such as cider and cheese, as well as handicrafts. The festivities begin the day before in Vitoria Gasteiz, with a giant tamborrada and the parade of the gastronomic societies. This festival, declared a Festival of Tourist Interest in Navarre, is a living religious drama, also known as the Auto de los Reyes Magos. Type: carnival, traditional dances, outdoor. Jerome Alchimia . Get it by Thu, Aug 20 - Fri, Aug 21 from Fairfield, Ohio • Brand New condition • 30 day returns - Buyer pays return shipping; Author Sans Auteur. The play is performed in open air, in front of the most beautiful monuments of the city. The next day, April 28, thousands of people go on pilgrimage to the sanctuary of Armentia, south of the city, to venerate the relics of the Patron Saint of Alava. C’est en effet un calendrier perpétuel. Use the comments below or the contact form to tell me! Poste de secours : Grande plage : 05 59 20 01 57. This delightful spot, which offers a spectacular view of the Irati Forest, has provided the setting, year after year, for one of the most emblematic and at the same time most ethnographically important dances in Navarre. Last Updated on 24 November 2020 by Stephanie Langlet. Tudela, in Navarre, lives the last days of Holy Week with its celebrations of the Volatín and El Ángel, a custom that dates back to the Middle Ages. 4.003 www.diarimes.com. Take benefit of your stay in Tudela and discover the nearby Bardenas desert, where a lot of films have been shot. The Via Crucis of Balmaseda is a fascinating living Stations of the Cross, played every year on Good Thursday and Good Friday by the city’s inhabitants. Thanks in advance! In 2020, it was the young people of Aussurucq who played it at home and in the surrounding villages. except that they quickly climbed into vehicles!!! Alors que va t il se passer, voyons, voyons... Oui, impressionnante ExpoGrow et beaucoup de bonheur pour Alchimia Loreeeenzoooo, loreeeeenzoooo Je fume en attendant ce soleil qui me manque... Tu as un Euro? The Celedon is the character who represents the feasts of the Blanca, wearing a beret, a blouse and an umbrella. The San Juan Degollado feast is celebrated by a traditional pilgrimage to San Juan de Gaztelugatxe from the city of Bakio. Then the companies composed of 20 to 50 drums and 50 to 100 barrels parade in the neighbourhoods, always accompanied by a banda. At the Feasts of the Rue de la République in Saint Jean de Luz. Type: patronal feasts, traditional dance. Irun (nom èuscar oficial) és un municipi de la província de Guipúscoa, al País Basc.La ciutat fa frontera amb França mitjançant el riu Bidasoa, que limita el municipi a l'est. During the day, the signs are hidden and everyone, including visitors, is even asked to respect “rules” regarding clothing. Marijaia, the character who embodies the Bilbao celebrations, is in charge of inaugurating and closing these nine days of celebration. Type: Local festival, gourmet event, outdoor activities. People also burn the messages they wrote to make the bad things of the previous year disappear and attract happiness. Semana Grande / Aste Nagusia of San Sebastian / Donostia. Share this article with your family or friends who are planning their next trip to the south of France. For your accommodation, don’t miss the magnificent and central Gran Hotel La Perla, one of the 5 stars of Pamplona, which has hosted many celebrities such as Ernest Hemingway or the Aga Khan. Certainly cancelled. Every July 13th at the Pierre Saint Martin Pass, the oldest European peace treaty between the French and the Spanish is commemorated. As the road signs of towns and villages in the Southern Basque Country are in Basque, it can also be difficult to find your way around. My motto: to provide the best possible information, in all objectivity and transparency, to my readers. They paraded a little bit then I followed them when they started their march towards Zubieta…. the best culinary experience in the world. >> Click here to check the availability and prices. Wildlife and History. The month of January is marked in particular by the beginning of the Souletine masquerades in Soule, which last until April, and by the Tamborrada of San Sebastian. Certainly cancelled. Zaldiko: joyful and jumping, dressed in his most beautiful clothes (a horse on his belt) demolish Ziripot on the ground. Although Corpus Christi is also still taking place in Guipúzcoa and Soule, I will only talk here about Corpus Christi in the northern Basque country, in the villages of Basse-Navarre. On Tuesday afternoon, I started in Ituren where all the Joaldunaks were gathered. Biarritz is less than 40mns from my holiday rental. Type: popular festival, concerts, fireworks, various activities, outdoor activities. The celebration begins with the caldereros, the Saturday before mardi gras and the carnival. Toutes ces fêtes sont lacées sous le signe de l’allégresse et de l’envie des habitants d’Irun et des tourismes de passer de bons moments. I’m not going to detail them all, there are too many of them. Feast of San Juan Degollado in San Juan de Gaztelugatxe. Depending of the year, Basque carnivals can be in February or March. The angel takes off this veil, to symbolize the joy of Christ’s resurrection. For your accommodation, I recommend you the flat Gure Idorpea, a beautiful flat for 4 people, in the village. You will be able to organize your stay taking into account these important periods. >> Check the availability and prices here. Titirijai has been held in Tolosa since 1983. >> Click here to check availability and prices. For this festival, you can book my holiday rental through the contact section. Every year, they celebrate the chuleta or beef rib, the star of the rotisseries. In addition to the festivals below, you can discover: It is also worth seeing if the Paloteado del Casco Viejo in Tudela is renewed for a second edition or not (a mixture of traditional dance and theatre, which was performed in the 1940s). It was a local pastry chef who was the first to sell her cake at the Bayonne market. Today’s lost jobs are represented and the youngest ones will have the opportunity to discover the games of that time. On Sunday, the city streets fill with pyjamas and slippers, as participants leave home with a neglected look, just getting up from the bed. Expogrow Irun 2016. Type: medieval festival. Type: commemoration, popular festival, agricultural fair, Basque force, concert, outdoor. Date: Monday and Tuesday of the last week of January. Certainly cancelled. Format Paperback. Ochagavía-Otsagabia celebrates Orhipean, the festival of crafts and traditions. Type: local celebration, gourmet meeting. Book my vacation rental for 5 people in Biaudos via the contact section. Parmi ceux-ci, neuf étudiants inscrits à l’université ne parviennent pas à obtenir un #titre_de_séjour et sont sous le coup d’une #Obligation_de_quitter_le_territoire_français (#OQTF). Nothing beats the accompaniment of a local! Date: Saturday night before carnival. La célébration d’un jour de fête est toujours importante. There are 3 Basque provinces on the French side.It is also located in the north of Spain, with 4 Basque provinces. It has gained international recognition, thanks to its flavour, smoothness and traditional cultivation method. Try to book on the 7th floor for the most beautiful view. >> Click here to check the pics, reviews, prices and availability for your dates. Day of Tradition with many cultural demonstrations: Basque strength, dance, etc. But the children begin around 8pm with their own opening. There is no – more? Book my cottage 16kms from Bayonne via the contact section. Don’t forget the springtime of the restaurants. The celebrations begin at 11am with an open-air mass. Pendant la haute saison, les fêtes et festivals redonnent vie à ses villes et villages. Click here to download your FREE Basque festivals calendar! Quelle que soit la saison, le Pays Basque invite à une joyeuse découverte de sa culture avec des représentations, concerts, défilés, théâtres et bien dautres encore. BIP TAXI - Hendaye - Hendaia - Hendaya, Hendaye, France. Office de Tourisme d'Irun. On August 4, the Virgen Blanca square welcomes thousands of people who come to watch the chupinazo, a firecracker that the mayor of Vitoria lights to officially inaugurate the celebrations, followed by the descent of the Celedon. And we eat… ham! Frequently asked questions on Basque festivals. It’s very quickly out of stock.